Shopify + Google Analytics: How to Setup Google Analytics Correctly on Your Shopify Store

If you have a website, you should be using Google Analytics. This is not an optional tool; this is a necessary tool to have on your website.

Not only for e-commerce but websites in general need to use google analytics to gather more information and data on the individuals that are visiting their website.

Google Analytics provides a host of needed information. Some of the Data it provides is below:

  • Provides you with information on how your site visitors found you. For example Organically. Direct, Social Media, Google or Referral
  • You can see what visors do when they visit your website. For example how long do they stay on your website, the pages they are exiting your website
  • You can Track conversions and see the behavior flow of the visitors on your store.
  • And much more…

Step 1: Sign Up For Google Analytics

Go to Google Analytics

Click Sign up

Step 2: Get Tracking ID

Choose Website. Fill in the required information.

Step #3: Copy Tracking Code & Past To Shopify Store

Copy your tracking code.

Open your Shopify Dashboard.

On the left side of your Dashboard click Online Store then Preferences

You will see a section for Google Analytics. The code you copied be sure to place inside the box where it says ” Paste your code from Google here”

Press Save

Double check to make sure the UA you see matches the UA from your Google Analytics account.

Check the box to the left of Use Enhanced Ecommerce

Step 4: Enable Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting

Go back to your Google Analytics Dashboard.

Click on Cogwheel (Admin) located in the bottom left side panel

In the View Menu, click on Ecommerce Settings

Toggle on Enable Ecommerce

Toggle on Enable Enhanced E-commerce Reporting.

Click Save.

You are now all set! You have just added Google Analytics to your Shopify Store.

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